Texas Aggregates & Concrete Association has a reputation of representing its constituency.

TACA is recognized as one of the outstanding trade associations of its type in the nation. The reasons? First, because TACA offers an array of member services unequaled by other associations of its type. Second, because TACA is truly a member-run organization. Third, because TACA represents a true working relationship between the aggregate, concrete, cement, admixtures, fibers and allied industries. Additionally, our membership provides an associate classification for allied supplier companies. It is a well-known fact that more can be achieved through group action than by individual effort.

TACA Membership Information Packet

Above all, TACA’s core objectives are:
1. To encourage highest standards of business practices, environmental stewardship, ethics, customs and usage among its members.
2. To acquire, preserve, and disseminate business information to the members of the association.
3. To promote the best interests of its members in matters where members interests are in common.

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