TACA Committee members work as a team sharing common interests and enthusiasm for the aggregates, cement and concrete industry. We encourage all TACA members to serve on a committee.
Have a voice. Be a part of the leadership for the association. Below are the association committees you may join.
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This committee is very active during the year creating educational training courses for the membership. This committee chooses topics and recruits speakers for the annual Short Course. They also choose topics and speakers for some of the Chat-n-Chews, and are involved in creating other educational programs, such as the TACAMP Advanced and Beginner programs.

This committee acts as a liaison between governmental/ regulatory agencies and the membership and monitors environmental issues that affect the members of TACA. They also are responsible for the coordination and marketing efforts for TACA and its participation in the green building and sustainable design initiatives within the industry. They choose the topics and recruit speakers for the annual Environmental & Sustainability Seminar.

This committee assists the membership in opposing adverse legislation and works for enactment of legislation considered in the best interest of the membership. The Chairman of the committee serves on the Texas Aggregates and Concrete Political Action Committee.

The purpose of this committee is to increase the use of ready mixed concrete, cement, aggregates, and related products in existing markets and new market areas through an active promotion and marketing program within TACA. The committee works to promote a positive image of our industry through interaction with environmental groups and develops materials that can be used by community groups to educate regarding our industry. Specific promotion activities will be developed based on the market interests of our members.

This committee actively promotes membership in the association to the suppliers and producers who are not currently members of TACA. They also are responsible for devising viable concepts to enable maximum membership retention in the association and are responsible for the Member Buddy program.

This committee conducts the annual Safety Contest and plans other safety programs, as needed. They are also responsible for promoting a safety culture within the association. The committee monitors all information relating to the transportation of materials by rail or truck, which may affect the industry.  The committee serves as a liaison to the Governmental Affairs Committee.

This committee works with the Texas Department of Transportation on changes in the specifications for aggregates, ready-mix, and other building materials. It serves as a liaison to other similar associations toward solving mutual problems and private contracting agencies or authorities.