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 Welcome to TACA’s new way of communication!

We’re taking committees to a whole new level by encouraging discussion outside of the TACA Board Room.

Instead of scattering emails all over the place, Basecamp message boards keep all committee discussions in one centralized location.

Upload and share any kind of file with your committee and even send an email notification when you have uploaded a new file.

Revise documents, for the whole committee to see, using the Whiteboard feature.

Create to-do lists and timelines to keep the committee on track with goals and objectives.

Committees are far more productive when members talk to each other, discuss issues openly, and communicate clearly. That’s where Basecamp comes in. TACA invites you to set up your account in order to stay up to date with your committees!

Need help? No problem. The link below will take you to Basecamp video tutorials.

As always, please do not hesitate to call the office, 512.451.5100 if you have any other questions.

By creating a Basecamp account, you agree to abide by the TACA Antitrust which can be found in the Overview section.