Permitting & Regulations

Concrete batch plants go through a stringent permitting process

Did You Know?
  • State law provides multiple permitting options to accommodate site specific conditions, including the Standard Permit for Concrete Batch Plants with Enhanced Controls.
  • Concrete plants must obtain air, water and waste permits or registrations from the TCEQ
  • Standard permits have requirements that apply to the same type of facility
  • TCEQ conducts health effects reviews as part of issuing a standard permit
For more information on permitting, please visit the links below.

Permit Links
Standard Permits: CBP, CBPEC
General Stormwater Permits: MSGP

Texas Health & Safety Code Authorization References 382.05195 – standard permit;
382.05198 – standard permit with enhanced controls; 382.058 (c), (d) – who may request a hearing, permissible air dispersion modeling evidence

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