Economic Impact of Concrete Batch Plants in Texas

More than 100,000 Texans are employed by the concrete and cement industries

Concrete batch plants in Texas follow industrial and residential growth.

Beginning in 2014, Texas became the leading producer of ready-mix concrete in the country, and given that the population of Texas is increasing by one million people per year, this trend shows no signs of decreasing.

Texas StarTexas accounts for 20 percent of the national ready-mix production volume, which is the most of any state nationally, and produces more than the second (California) and third (Florida) states, combined.

Concrete Production

Texas Star

Most ready-mix concrete trucks are no more than 30 miles from the plant where they were originally loaded. By locating a plant within a community, there are several positive effects:

ArrowsTraffic and congestion will decrease as there will be less trucks traveling through the community to supply the concrete;

ArrowsEvery construction project within the community will take less time as the materials will have to come from a nearby locale;

ArrowsSince concrete is a time sensitive material, lower travel distances mean higher potential quality of concrete and the final product;

Concrete batch plants create positive economic impacts in the communities in where they reside.

Concrete, aggregate and cement industries in Texas generate more than $8.0 billion in annual revenues and employ more than 100,000 Texans each year.

Most concrete batch plants bring an average of 20 skilled labor positions with an average annual salary of at least $50,000. Our industry is proud to employ a diverse group of individuals with unique skill sets.

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