Bruce Ingram Excellence in Concrete

Highlight the quality of your concrete with the Bruce Ingram Excellence in Concrete Certification!

The TACA Bruce Ingram Excellence in Concrete Award has been completely redesigned as a Certification.  This certification is established by the Specification Committee to recognize the commitment to the quality of its member companies.  TACA members work hard to deliver high-quality products.  Let's recognize their dedication!

Only TACA producer members are eligible to apply. Companies can apply as a Company or a Division. Certifications will be issued in three categories based on the annual production of the applying entity.

Seven main areas are being considered in the scoring process.  Those areas are:
1. Management Commitment and Decision Process
2. Customer Focus
3. Human Resources
4. Production Facilities and Equipment
5. Materials Management and Testing
6. Specification Review and Mixture Design
7. Measurement Analysis and Improvement

The application is an Excel file that you may download using the button below.

The application is reviewed by the Specification Committee to determine the certification. This is an ongoing certification so there is no deadline.

With permission, this contest was adapted from NRMCA's Excellence in Concrete and modified for Texas materials.  We encourage you to participate in NRMCA's contest as well.