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TACA Guide Specification for Materials and Construction of Jointed Concrete Pavement for Streets and Local Roads

Key Issues and Considerations when for Working around Concrete Pumps, Concrete Pump Trucks, and Crane Lift Buckets

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Guidelines for Residential Construction
The Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association (TACA) created Guidelines for Residential Concrete Foundations on September 1, 2006, with an effective date of January 1, 2007. TACA began this work in 2003. This effort grew from the request of many Association members for a unifying document that could adequately address municipal responses to residential litigation, a general lack of clarity among specifying agents or agencies on the intricacies surrounding concrete specifications, and the general inconsistency and confusion surrounding performance based residential foundation specifications. Many Producers, Contractors, and Suppliers expressed the opinion that technical guidelines should be created by TACA where the actual experience and practical expertise is located. The goal of the guidelines is provide the engineering, contracting, and specifying community with guidance in their design and evaluation of residential foundations.
Guidelines for Residential Construction

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