Top 10 Reasons to Join TACA

Today, TACA represents 80% of the aggregates, 100% of the cement and 75% of the concrete producers in Texas today. Here are 10 reasons why:
  1. TACA members are leaders in the community, men and women just like you who value integrity, hard work and engagement.
  2. TACA provides you with a network of industry peers to share knowledge and best practices on critical topics, such as safety, technical standards and regulatory requirements.
  3. TACA represents your best interests at the federal, state and local levels with legislative and regulatory bodies to ensure your voice is heard.
  4. TACA provides a platform for you to engage in the Texas legislative and regulatory processes.
  5. TACA offers one-to-one marketing and technical standards support to help you run your business.
  6. TACA members receive regular communications on regulatory, legislative and other critical policy updates or changes that directly impact the industry.
  7. TACA members receive our acclaimed quarterly magazine, the TACA Conveyor, and have access to a wide range of “members only” materials on the TACA website.
  8. TACA members enjoy the benefit of knowledge-based seminars that put you on the cutting edge of industry standards and practices.
  9. TACA members benefit from a strong, continuous and cohesive public relations program that enhances the reputation of the industry as a whole.
  10. TACA provides you with the opportunity to give back to your community and make a difference.