Emerging Leaders Academy

TACA Emerging Leaders Academy

Please check back in October 2021 for the next enrollment year.

Enrollment: There is an acceptance process.  An an online application will need to be completed and submitted.  Letters of acceptance/regret into the academy will be sent out two to three weeks after receipt of your application.  We will only be accepting 30 applicants.

Reenrollment: Emerging Leaders 2 and 3 continuing on in the program, need to complete a short reenrollment form.  Reenrollment is not automatic for current ELA Year 1 or 2 students.  Forms will be submitted online using the button on the right column.

When:  Calendar year 2021

Cost: $2,250 per student, covers enrollment in ELA for one year

Purpose: To help develop leadership skills within the aggregate, concrete, and cement industry that are independent of and complementary to in-house corporate training programs; foster relationships among peer groups; help improve retention of industry professionals; stress the importance of TACA involvement in shaping the industry within Texas; and promote the importance of community involvement for our industry. The Emerging Leaders Academy is a three-year program that is led and facilitated by leadership development professional and academy dean Rick Kolster/Peak Performance Group.

Who: Any TACA Allied or Producer Members, typically with 0-5 years of industry experience.

Why: Our industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, which creates many new career opportunities. Increased population in Texas brings increased demand for aggregates, concrete, and cement. As the companies that supply those products continue to grow, so does the demand for leadership. As an association that represents the best interest of the industry, TACA has an obligation to our mission statement to help better educate the next generation of our leaders. To that end, TACA has developed the Emerging Leaders Academy which targets those within our industry who demonstrate high potential for growth. The Academy provides solid tools to participants that help them become leaders in our industry by immersing them in a dynamic curriculum of leadership concepts. Through this experience, participants also are given a better understanding of the importance that TACA has to our industry as well as the need for our industry to be connected to the communities in which we operate.